Who Am I in the Grand Scheme of God’s Creation?

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Who Am I in the Grand Scheme of God’s Creation?

Who am I in the grand scheme of God’s creation?
Like the flower that fades I blossom for only a season.
Yet in my preponderance of life’s meaning
I am convinced I am here for a reason.

Still I flounder about as I struggle to see
His purpose and plan for my handful of years.
I peer as though looking through dense fog
My efforts prove futile lest it clears.

I thought, “Surely riches and glory will satisfy”
Yet in them finding only temporary gain.
Like sands through the hourglass they slip away
Until all that remains is the pain.

I turned to the promise of enjoyment of the things of this life.
I set out to experience them as my heart desired.
It was in this pursuit that I discovered
That life’s promises left me listless and tired.

Surely romance would fulfill the yearning within.
I plunged headlong but the deeper I done the further I fell.
Turning to a human being to fulfill the deep desires of my heart
Is like hoping for the comforts of heaven while living in hell.

Only when I broke with my insane hunger for the pods
Did I remember the far away land I once knew as home.
Looking from this foreign place it seemed so far away
Yet it was within reach from no matter where I should roam.

So I set my mind’s eye upon my Father from a long ways away.
I wondered if He still saw me as His own.
Was I nothing more than a distant memory to Him now?
A tare in the place where the good seed are sown.

In this I considered, “How much farther can I fall?”
“If I choose to remain in this land is will surely die.”
So I set out upon a long and lonesome journey
Not sure I could make it but knowing I must try.

The days were long and merciless as I journey through arid places.
Here there was no rest to be found for my weary soul.
I fixed my eyes towards that distant land.
I envisioned that in my Father’s arms I would finally be whole.

Through the long and Lonesome days and nights
It was this singular hope that sustained me.
I remembered the meals spent at my Father’s table
For the first time in years on the wind a wiff of what it is to be free.

As I finally reached the road leading to my Father’s home
I took a moment to gaze as far as my eyes could carry.
While my heart longed to return to Him
Intense fear from within caused me to tarry.

Then I saw it, a lone figure on the porch
Instantly all trepidation was put to rest.
In only a moment I stood before Him
And He drew my head into His breast.

Thoughts raced like lightning through me
As I inwardly chastised for my foolish ways.
Then He took me by each side of my head
Until my eyes met His and returned His gaze.

Breathless, speechless, in awe I was
As in His perfect love I basked.
For many years I had been in far away lands
Now I was at home long last.

Not once did He ask me where I had been
Though I am certain that my rags told the story.
They revealed my many years of shame
Round my shoulders He hung His robe of Glory.

Never had I been an orphan
Though I had wallowed in great sin.
My guilt a heavy burden I could no longer carry
Though I had fallen greatly it was His love that would win.

Now this flower shall flourish and fade in His loving arms.
For even the short season is His and His alone.
My Father in His great compassion runs out to greet me
Yet He is forever seated upon His throne.

If We Are Afraid to Speak Jesus’ Name

If we are afraid to speak Jesus’ name for fear of offense or ostracization, do we honestly think it will be easier to proclaim His name when doing so is an offense punishable by law?

I’m not seeking your answers so much so as your honest consideration.

Let’s face facts, it’s not as though Jesus’ name is growing in popularity in this world.

Yet, regardless of popularity with the world at large, He remains THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life.

If we can’t trust Him with what people think of us, how will we trust Him when our lives are at stake?


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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