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Who is your Covering – Man or God? — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you sister, These are blessed Words to me and I will lay up your post and enjoy it every day!

    The last two years I have been separated to the LORD, first with a direct word from Him about my calling and then with continual confirmations from Him that I am on the right path.
    Sometimes I meet some other believer and every time when they ask me which church I belong to and I answer that I do not belong to any specific church, but that I obey the Lord and goes to the places He sends me, they always say the same thing, even if I never met the person before;

    “It is not good to be alone like that, one need to be a part of a congregation”
    “One is not spiritually protected while one is alone, it can be dangerous.”
    “Jesus does not say we shall be alone”

    These continual claims has come to be a great confirmation to me that Satan is not pleased with my walk a with and complete faith in Jesus, which have greatly strengthened my faith, because when Satan is not pleased one must be in the center of God’s Will.

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