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Who Let The Dogs Out? — 5 Comments

  1. Try another search engine, like “Bing”.  Google is ungodly like Facebook.  But when I search for truth, “Bing” still has the articles, or at least the choice to find the info.

    There’s other platforms, & I urge you to try them.

    Also, Facebook is ungodly & it is Globalist!  I urge all Christians to remove themselves from Facebook.  They make money off us.  We are 80 million strong even if half that number leaves, it will be a blow to their finances!
    Also, all Christian ministries should leave.  The writing is on the wall.  We allowed the government to close our churches, b/c of a virus, when we should have been trusting God.
    Ministries need to make new outlets to get out the Word of God!
    I believe they will try & close the churches again.  They saw how easy it was to “Control” us. 
    Home churches & even Catacombsmight be necessary!  But we have to plan & be ready!  This is a Globalist, Communist, Marxist, firestorm!

  2. Veronika – we check for your posts regularly, and are thankful for your ministry. We sent out to all out friends how to continue to see your posts. God is using you mightily!

  3. La voz de los atalayas no será silenciada la antorcha encendida no será apagada las Águilas han extendido sus alas asegurando que ninguna Palabra se perderá

    [HKP Admin : Google Translate : “The voice of the watchmen will not be silenced the burning torch will not be extinguished the Eagles have spread their wings ensuring that no Word will be lost”]

  4. Time to DUMP Fakebook. They are a tool of the enemy. Many of us refuse to use Fakebook so cannot see what you post there anyway.

  5. Dear Veronica…I believe God is speaking to you hence Facebook’s action. They hate to hear God is mingling in their wicked plans. I’ve d/loaded the above video this morn. As I’ve been seeing doves myself I can’t wait to look at Flashpoint. Blessings. Renee

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