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Whoremongers, Ditchdiggers & Dreamchasers — 5 Comments

  1. Amen!  I would also point out that people in the |West have traditionally made a distinction between the church and the world, as respective synonyms for the religious and non-religious aspects of human endeavour.  And yet when the word “world” was used in the New Testament all of mankind was religious in some way. This makes me think that the world has always been as much inside the church as outside, and I believe this has been increasingly so, and especially since the emergence of the prosperity gospel and the compromises brought about by the general “seeker friendly” approach.

  2. Now, dear Joyce, what a thought provoking word for such a time as this! WISDOM speaks for sure! THanks so much for sharing. Love you my friend. xoxo Sandi

  3. Thank you so much Apostle Joyce
    – such a Great word and such a WISE word!
    God bless and keep you and your family!❤️

    • Maureen, I appreciate you taking your time out to post! I also want to wish the Lords’ blessings to magnify upon you and yours. Romans 8:28 always

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