Why Are the People Walking in Darkness?


Last night the Spirit of YAH drew me into a place of prayer and I begin to travail before Him.

I begin to pray that the scales will fall off the eyes of the people and that we will begin to see spiritually in a more precise way.

The eyes of our understanding shall be enlighten in this hour.  We will see the depth of deception that has gripped the nations and people.

We shall see the enemy’s plots and be able to prepare for the attacks.

The Spirit of YAH kept saying, “Why are the people walking in darkness?  Why can’t they see?

Why are they so rebellious against what I have shown them? 

I have sent warning.  I AM revealing.  I have sent My Word to open their eyes and see what satan desires to do.

I have sent My Servants and they have rejected them and turned on them and have risen up against them to destroy them, because their words are not smooth.

They will not hear nor take heed to the Words that I have spoken.”

He said,  “They have been blinded by their greed and their own minds.  They have become puffed up and have said they will not let Me be their God!

They have pushed away from Me, forsaken My Name and refuse My Help.  They have turned their back on holiness, for the things of the world have drawn them into sin and they love to walk ungodly.”

He said,  “I shall arise now and move throughout the earth.  I shall move among My People with a mighty hand.

My Fire shall fall around the earth and there shall be a great falling away, but then a great harvest of souls shall appear.

Many churches shall crumble, because they refuse to take heed to the changes that YAH is demanding to come forth in this hour.”

I heard Him say,  “Don’t give in to the pressure to join the organizations that require you to compromise and accept the things that are displeasing to Me.”

He said,  “Many have become places of occult and divination activities.  They have taken on the very nature of the gods they have come into agreement with.”

He said,  “Perverse acts of sin shall be revealed in this hour.  I shall uncover those who are involved in different kinds of blood animal and human sacrifice.”

He said,  “Watch those regions where a lot of children go missing.  They are being used to pacify these demonic gods.”

He said,  “Watch those regions that have a lot of deaths and murders.  The magnitude of these practices will be staggering, as the truth is uncovered and revealed.”

He said,  “Pray without ceasing now.  Pray and cry loud pray and see and hear what the Spirit is saying.”

He said,  “There will be much learned in this hour.  The increase of deliverance must come, for many yet stand in bondage and are enslaved to sin. 

The magnitude of deception in the twisting of the Word to bring the people into the web of lies that can destroy their souls, is enormous.”

He said,  “Look at what My People embrace and run to in this hour.  Look how they enjoy evil and love sin.”

He said,  “See how they receive the false from the real.”  

He said,  “See how easily they are deceived.”

He said,  “They walk in a trance and it’s the sound of evil they are drawn to, like persons hypnotized, they are led into captivity and are overcome with the lust of their eyes, as their flesh craves the things of the world and those things that are evil.”

He said,  “Look at how they entertain darkness and reject the things of light.  Look how they fight good.  Look how they bite and devour to destroy one another.

Look how they despised and hate one another.  See how they are consumed with having power.”

He said,  “Look at the jealousy among My People, how they want to steal My Glory, how they want to take My position of authority.”

He said,  “Look at them!  Like their father the devil, they want their throne to be higher than mine!”

He said,  “See what I’m showing you this day.  See the depth of evil that lurks in the hearts now, of those who were sent to lead My People.”

He said,  “See, they know not that My Spirit has departed from them, because they walk in darkness and their minds are alienated from Me and they no longer preach the truth, but they teach My People lies and they enter into error, because they have forsaken Me.”

The Spirit of YAH spoke and said,  “Turn from those who practice evil, who devise wickedness, lest you be consumed with them in My Anger and Judgment.”

He said,  “Now its time to run into His arms of safety, to rise up and proclaim truth.”

He said,  “Don’t retreat from the Word of the LORD.  Preach holiness!  Teach righteousness!  Stand strong against those who will oppose the Word and who draw people into sin.

This is the hour of a mighty visitation, a great shaking, a great judgment.”

I heard Him say,  “Tell the people to forsake not, the assembling of themselves together, for you will need to be strengthened by each other, and to walk in love and to show love, and to give love.”

Preachers, feed the sheep the bread of life.  Give them the Word.

Warn and abolish the evil practices of sin and let not iniquity go forth.

Consecrate yourselves!  Cleanse yourselves!  Wash yourselves and come before the LORD, for in this day He is calling for a people who are set apart and holy, to bless and use in this hour.

So much was shown to me during prayer, and that which He will allow me to release in His timing, I will.

Know this, that the timing of YAH is important in this hour, and your obedience is crucial.

Don’t be outside the will grace mercy and favor of ABBA!  Take heed to your dreams and visions.

Hear the word and speak only what He allows.  Follow instructions, that it may be well with your souls.

I’m praying seeking the Father, for I’m in expectation for all He has spoken and said to come to pass.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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Why Are the People Walking in Darkness? — 1 Comment

  1. In the valley where all nations are gathered is where yahs judgment against all who rose against his word all those who seek to kill steal and destroy judgment will be past on them