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Why Live in the Valley of Weeping? — 2 Comments

  1. What a Confirmation! Thank you my dearest sister in Christ for these comforting words. This message is touching me and it came at a right time. I was weeping on Monday while I was on my way to work I wanted to quit to my job because of the treatment and issues that are so though that I could not mention now but I am strong now because I knew if I leave my job the enemy is going to rejoice because that is what he wants. The spirit of the Lord dwell on you to comfort those who are weeping. God bless you. Amen!!!!

  2. Dear Deborah

    Your word is so timely that the Lord has given once again as work for me has come to another grinding halt although I have experienced this through the last twelve years it is not has tormenting as it used to be to know that things will work out as customers change the Lord has helped me start my own small business.  I don’t know how many times through these years I have asked God if it is time for me to consider closing the doors but I am still here doing what I have done for the last twelve years. 
    Yesterday I was at the start of my merry go round at the foot of this mountain that has robbed me of joy has brought pain in my shoulder due to stress and worry about how I am going to survive. Having been a single mom and still am for over 20years has not been easy to say the least. 
    I asked God that He would do whatever is necessary so that this yucky torment is done away with.  I asked for healing and the ability to trust when ever I am in a hurting place I watch a clip of the movie Passion of the Christ I can visually see just how much pain and beating he took on my behalf and then I grow in my trust that He will bring me through because IT IS FINISHED.
    He has given me the words Milk Splendor is coming your way a few weeks ago and I trust to understand all the good that He has for me.  Blessings and thank you Deborah you are a blessing.  There is always a sincerity to the prophetic words you share. Blessings Sue

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