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Wielding the Weapon of Supernatural Wisdom — 8 Comments

  1. Powerful Word, Sister!
    It literally touches every single thing that I have prayed, as of late, and every Word the Holy Spirit has spoken to me!
    I LOVE it when the LORD speaks to me. It never ceases to astound and amaze, that my life is off importance to the Sovereign Creator ✝️ Jesus is my best friend.

  2. I tell you, begin now to release a sound of Thanksgiving and Victory, and that which the devourer meant for your destruction and even death to your dreams and destiny, I AM now turning, turning, turning and working, working, working all things for your good — and for My Glory on the earth!”

    Amen. Glory to God. Thanks, Veronica♡

  3. Thank you LORD. This word is so powerful on my spirit. Thank you holy spirit. Thank you prophet. Amen. I receive the wisdom of the spirit.

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