Wisdom in Church Leadership


As leaders, we should not tolerate disrespect, dishonor, disloyalty, disobedience or distrust.

It’s time out for allowing those we lead, to talk to us in any kind of a way and to do anything they want to us.

We are dealing now with a generation who have not learn respect for YAH ordained authority or reverence for principles of behavior integrity and character.

Some of these people will have you trying to defend yourself in a assault with intent to inflict bodily harm, if your flesh not under control.

Thank YAH for the infilling of the Holy Ghost that keeps us grounded when these disrespectful sheep come for us, even threatening us sometimes, with bodily harm.

Sometimes people are on the outside looking in and don’t know the full story as to why a person was dismissed from a ministry, or a leader had to rebuke or chastise someone.

It’s easy for a person who has never been a Shepherd to say what they would do, when they have not been cussed out, accused falsely, lied on, used and abused, taken advantage of, and sometimes physically attacked by those whom they have stayed up all night over and prayed for help for them in emergencies.  It took time and it was poured into them.

People who have never walked in the shoes of a leader, think that it’s fun, but being a leader in this hour is serious business.

One thing I have learned is the wisdom of protecting myself, in this hour.

Some people you just can’t talk to on the phone without a witness.  You have to save original texts of your text messages, you have to screen shot conversations, because they put together a plot to discredit you by using parts of conversations that look damaging.

Another thing I have is legal proof of anything I do for people, because they will accuse you of using them once they are separated from you.

It’s a shame that we have to do this, but it’s necessary, because people are not honest or honorable any more!

Getting burnt enough time will cause you to use caution and wisdom when dealing with people.

People, don’t allow anyone to pull you out of character in this hour.  You have to realize that people don’t walk in the integrity of the Word or respect and honor persons of authority or leadership.

Listen, if they don’t have reverence for YAH, they certainly won’t have for you!

Some people are a setup of vexation for you to act unseemly.  Don’t let them pull you into that warfare.  Take your position of authority and make your stand.

Either they will humble themselves or you can release them to another leader and ministry.

I have seen sheep be so disrespectful to their leaders in front of me, until I had to speak up myself for the leader, who seemed more embarrass that I saw it, than being ashamed that they were being disrespected and dishonored.

I tell those who work with me, wherever you show out, that’s where you get rebuked, corrected and sometimes fired, if it’s real bad.

And before anybody comes on this word about, “What about leaders!”,  today is not the day.

I correct leaders all the time.  Now it’s time to address unruly, disobedient and rebellious sheep.  And no matter how you look at it, they are yet YAH’s anointed, as long as He has them in position.

So before you go talking to your leader in any way, or threatening your leader, remember that YAH sees your lack of integrity toward them!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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