Woe unto foolish Prophets

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God’s word never changes.  But our interpretation of it might.  And our understanding of it certainly can.  There is something that all of us need to get into our spirit; once and for all.  The things of the Spirit, can only be discerned, through the Spirit.  It is the same with the word of God.  I think there is a special kind of instruction, that many of us may not have been given from some who taught us.  It’s that, unless God gives us an understanding of what we read or study, we will have no true chance of real understanding.  In the honest sense, we cannot discern it on our own.

Whether we wish to admit it or even discuss it, the flesh, has called some things, and required some things, that did not come from the word of God.  I have learned for myself, that it’s a real tragedy, that we did not study that Book for ourselves.  Throughout the ages, God has used men and women to help teach His word; the Spirit called some very qualified people, to do just that.  But we must know, once and for all, that if any real understanding came from it, it did not come from them; it came by the Spirit that worked through them.  The Holy Ghost is the teacher; the rest, is only man’s best.

Somewhere between the ministry of Jesus Christ on this Earth and the day the Holy Ghost was poured out at Pentecost, men began to add and take away, from what was actually written.  Somehow, what we thought the true Apostles wrote and preached, became more important, than what the real words and actions of Jesus were.  It might be offensive to some of us, to hear that many of us, might have sought to be more Apostle like, than to be Christ like.  Apostle Paul, loved Jesus Christ; that, was what his ministry was all about.  Before it was over, he thought to say, I preach Christ, and Him crucified.  And the rest of you, can argue over the rest, if you want to.

Why did he say that?  It wouldn’t occur to most of us, that people in the early church, argued over their own interpretation of things.  It is clear, that the apostles, did everything in their power, to prevent the church from getting lost in divisions, schisms, private interpretations and endless arguments.

I read just now, that some of the things we do, just aren’t edifying; not to the body of Christ.  Some folk will likely explode, if someone were to say, we made up some stuff.  It’s also God’s word, that some of the church leaders of the early church, wanted to bring people back into bondage over some issues, that should have been solved through Grace.  We also did that.

Besides, God has hidden things in his Word.  If you’ve studied much at all, you’ll find things, that were there all along; but we just read over it, and never even saw it.  God’s word is alive; but until it becomes alive for us individually, we will likely learn very little.  What we learn about what is written, might have to do with, how much we seek it, and the reason we are seeking to begin with.  And if we’re in the right spirit, we’re constantly learning.  God has never, revealed all of himself to anyone.  If our special interpretation, does not manifest the fruit of the Spirit, it’s just our word.


Woe unto foolish Prophets

That follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing. (Ezekiel 13:3).  Thus saith the Lord God.  They have seen vanity and lying divination and, the Lord, hath not sent them.  This is one of those times, when you fall on your face, and ask the Spirit, if this is really what He wants talked about.

I am reminded, as it has been said many times lately, we will be asked of the Spirit, to say and do some things, we might not be the most comfortable with.  Like delivering a message, no one likes.

Every calling we have been given, is a very serious matter.  I really hate to think of it, but so much heartbreak and damage, has been done by those who were blessed with various gifts and calling.  In the beginning, when we still had our first love, most of us were literally scared to death, to offend the Spirit, or in any way, operate in the flesh.  It was a healthy fear; that true reverence for who God is, and the power He has.  It was a real love for God and a genuine awe for our Creator; the only one, who deserved worship.

Ezekiel, went on to say that they have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge.  Any wall, given enough time, will have wear and even cracks in it; sometimes from the weather, or attacks from the enemy.  It was an absolute necessity, back in those days, to keep the wall intact, and in the best possible condition.  There comes a term here, that was called by this text, as “untempered mortar.”  Not first rate, or proven, material.  It may be what we see today, as substitute material, meant only to look like real.

“They have made others, to hope that they would confirm the word.”  If we are not careful today, we can look for confirmation, in the wrong places.  We live in a society, even a church world, that wants someone to tell them how great they are, and that they will definitely prosper with wealth.

I know that some of these prophecies, are genuine; but I also know, that if every time someone speaks, they mention wealth and prosperity, something is not quite what it seems.  We are to prosper; the word tells us that.  But it may help, to think about, what do we really need to prosper in, the most.

I truly hate that term, bottom line, but in this case, it’s this.  The Lord, has not sent these people.  It’s possible, to be called, and go astray.  We see many today, that seemed to start our right; we even know their families.

But Jesus himself, talked about, the deceitfulness of riches.  We’ve learned, that power, often times, can corrupt even those with good intentions.  I do not think we should seek confirmation.  If we’re on time, the Spirit will often move on someone to say something, that lets us know we’re right.  That’s a joy and a blessing.  Other times, we don’t know for sure, until after it’s over.


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  1. It is wonderfully sobering for me to hear from a totally unbiased, anonymous source the very things that I have just recently heard for myself. The blessing is twofold, we both get confirmation on his voice. lending ever increasing confidence in the absolute wonder of his love and affection towards those who believe..

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