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Won’t You Come Unto Him? — 10 Comments

  1. Mama Joyce, I shall order for your book once I fix up up my laptop. God bless your kind heartedness & may you burn more for the Lord! Am always praying for you!

  2. Mama Joyce, I salute your God given courage! We are only earthly parents! Our heavenly Father own all our kids. I believe it pleased the Lord to take them to a better home: away from the pains of this world & sorrows! We will all gloriously join them some days. More Grace & Anointing on you God’ VESSEL!

      • Thanks so much for your prompt response despite your tight schedules. MAMA JOYCE, I SEE GOD HONORING (DECORATING) YOU IN A SPECIAL WAY THAT WILL SHOCK SOME NAYSAYERS SOON! GOD BLESS YOU

        • This I receive! Many don’t care for me, & twist my words around even. Still I’d rather please the Lord. This world is not my home, we are truly just passing through. We are pigrims and strangers down here, even a laughingstock to the world!

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