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Write It! Write It on Your Heart! — 6 Comments

  1. Sandi, I just read this morning. I love this Word!
    Thank you and I tend to read again when time permits. It really spoke to me. I love you my sister and friend. ❤️

    • He seens to be writing many things on our heart in this crazy time we are in, my dear friend, Joyce. I keep thinking it is just me but He very clearly spoke to me that it is time to view ETERNITY as it really is! xoxo Sandi

  2. Sandi. This word was for me. On time and in season.  Thank you so very much.  May Almighty God continue to minister through you. I pray for signs, wonders and miracles to chase you. I love you dearly. Wilma

    • Great to see your comment, Wilma. I am delighted that it was such a timely word for you. I miss NC so much. I receive that lovely prayer. Love you, my sweet sister, Sandi

  3. Sandi, those pencils reminded me of those I use in my bibles. Smile. Knowing this is all temporary is something we must remind ourselves of often. I too wrote about the secret place today. The Lord told me last week He was my strong harbour. It has a similar meaning smile. Being hidden in Him is a good place to be. I did not fully realize in 2011 in choosing a ministry name that Called For Such A Time As This would one day give me more understanding. I must say, I love being in that hidden place.  Feel like I am reading my journal here. Smile. So appreciate your posts. Love you sister

    • I kept hearing the tune to an old song Patricia when I was reading your comment:”It is no secret what God can do, what HE’s done for others He’ll do for you and then HE said, shout that from the rooftops but know that I am drawing my bride into the secret place called the bridal chamber. You, my friend, are truly ‘called for such a time as this’. You are always ‘reading my mail’, my sister. Sending love to you, Sandi

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