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  1. Stephen Arthur Hanson, thus saith The Lord God Almighty, The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob: “Yea, I have called thee as a Prophet of these last days, counted among the remnant of End Time Prophets I have preserved, that I have sent forth, that will go forth. My hand resteth upon thee, yea My Spirit abideth in thee, yea My words I have placed in thy mouth, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, words of revelation, edification and exhortation. Fear not their faces or their voices. Continue to speak, decree and declare what I command of thee to say, and know that I am with thee. Arise and shine, being the light that you are in a world that is growing dimmer even darker, that others cannot see, cannot discern, cannot sense. I have and will place in you My thoughts, My words, yea My desires. Continue to lift your voice as a trumpet, as a shofar, sounding an alarm to all who will listen. Know this, there are many who call themselves prophets who I have not called, who I have not spoken to. Woe unto them! Have I not said, “Yes, in My house I have found their wickedness. Therefore, their way shall be to them like slippery ways, in the darkness they shall be driven on and fall in them. For I will bring disaster on them! They walk in lies and strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns back from wickedness.” Yea, all I will spew out of My mouth. Do not be moved by the words that they prophesy, for they speak from their vain imaginations and not from my mouth. Woe, the time is coming and now is that my Remant shall come forth. The true Prophets who will not be in unison with the self appointed ones I have taken my anointing from. The time is coming and now is that My remnant of Holy Prophets will come forth mightily with the Spirit of the Lord, yea My Spirit, upon them, and you among them. Therefore, rejoice in Me, find strength in Me, abide in Me. I am your covering, I am your shield, I am your redeemer.” says The Spirit of the Living God.

  2. Jesus is the full picture of how a prophet should function and move! When Jesus was on his journey toward Jerusalem…

    At that very hour some Pharisees came and said to him, “Get away from here, for Herod wants to kill you.” And he said to them, “Go tell that fox, ‘Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I finish my course. Nevertheless, I must go on my way today and tomorrow and the day following, for it cannot be that a prophet should perish away from Jerusalem.’ O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing! Behold, your house is forsaken. And I tell you, you will not see me until you say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!'” Luke 13:31-35 (ESV)

    O our truly meek and lowly, Prophet! It is Your example that we must emulate! Do we have these characteristics of our Messiah?

    1: As we are going up in our journey with our Father, are we laying down our lives for the sake of His people?

    2: Are we willing to confront the religious and political systems of the day (we are clear and succinct with our words and actions)… no matter what the cost?

    3: Are we casting out demons and performing cures?

    4: Do we know and are we committed to the one course the Father has called us to?

    5: Do we understand the history of the battle the Father has called us into?

    6: Do we understand the Father’s heart is to brood and gather, not scatter?

    7: Do we recognize the final victory is secure?

  3. I have had my doubts about Trump. I knew he serves the enemy and I have fought relentlessly with this discernment. This morning I asked Jesus to confirm my feelings once and for all, and then I see your post. And the Holy spirit reminds me exactly what I had asked for earlier. What a time to be alive! A time to be wise as serpents indeed!

  4. 10 years ago I returned to the States from serving a mission in another country for several years. While there I hadn’t kept up with the news much because of lack of internet access. So when I returned, I found myself surrounded with Christians who had the view that you, Stephen Hanson, seem to have: the end is near, things are going to get worse from here, the AC is here, the U.S is destined for judgment and destruction because God is angry about the wickedness. We were all going to be rounded up into FEMA camps any day. Because of this prevailing worldview among the believers with whom I associated, I made some unwise financial and career decisions. Then I went to a conference of intercessors where I heard a different view. It was hopeful, proactive, calling for involvement in all areas of politics and education, and full of promise about turning things around and seeing a great awakening in this country and in the world before Jesus’ return. I got a Master’s degree in education and am teaching now, I am not hunkering down and waiting for any-time-now destruction, and yes, I am hopeful for this country and I believe that God chose Trump for this time, because of the intense intercession of many groups, to give us a chance to still fulfill our nation’s destiny. The end is not yet. All the dire things prophesied will come to pass, but God has purposes to fulfill yet for this country. If this coronavirus crisis passes and the economy recovers and we have more years left in which to be occupied in His kingdom, will you admit that you were off in your timing and in your opinion of Trump?

    • Zavi,
      It seems that somehow you have missed the promises that have been outlined in many of the messages that I have sent out. For within the words given to me, I have always sought for a balance between the judgments of God and His mercy towards those that would come to Him. There are many who have spoken of Fema camps and the like, and I have tried to divert their attention away from a false fear of this, to more of a balanced approach. But on the other hand, it is foolish to think that all is well, and that those in the prophetic community who have stated this, are and will be held accountable for this.  The prophetic time table is not something that one can adequately discern, and if indeed there is a period of some stability and renewal, that is good, but do not be mistaken, that scripture is very plain about what is ahead. And having said that, it not to invoke fear but to instill preparation.

  5. Sir thank you for your office of prophet.  I sense that you are a true prophet of God.  Please pray for my healing sir.  I am on psychiatric medicine and other meds.  thanks sir

  6. I also sense that there are “some prophetic voices” that seem to have jumped on the bandwagon to always speak favorably of this man.  And what I have discerned is that it is a nationalism-type-of-thing that sometimes influences their point of view when prophesying.

  7. Thank you for speaking the TRUTH man of God.  Although the enemy and those who have been deceived by the enemy, hate when TRUTH is spoken, you must continue as you are Truly an Oracle of God.

    May the Lord Richly bless you!

  8. We have a small window of time to Repent as a people and a nation. Stop looking for a man and a government to save you. Their is a great lie going on and if you keep believing in it a great delusion will come upon you and you will be unable to know the truth.  TRUST GOD of Creation not man, Repent, walk in Obedience to GOD and His Commandments, fear that which can kill the body; fear that which can kill the body and the spirit. Have fear and reverence of GOD the Father. Worship Him ONLY.

  9. The Holy Spirit alerted me some time ago 2017 Trump is not who he projects himself to be. No doubt GOD did put him their for HIS purpose.  We are called to put our Trust and Belief and Worship in the Savior and in GOD. Not a man people are following Trump blindly right in to the ditch. Stephen is not disdaining the man he is revealing truth and exposing the lie. Don’t shoot the messenger because you don’t like the message. That is what happened to the Prophets trying to warn Israel.  Examine yourself as well.

  10. This is a confirmation to me.This knowledge was dominant in my mind.The Lord has the back of the people of this world against the wall,so that if they set a side their self confidence,self RIGHTROUSNESS,and turn in humbleness and brocknesd he is there to save,and deliver.But if humanty continue to insist on uts evil way, the LORD in his love will allow more problems to come to our way. Until,we are conveinced all human wisdom ,education,technology science,wealth, and all resources have failed. And look up to the only hope and source of life. 
    To GOD be the glory, the honor and the victory.

    And one of the elders said un to me, weep not:behold the Lion of the Tribe of Judah,the root of David has prevailed to open the book ,and to loose the seven seals thereof.Rev.5:5

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