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You are being Prepared to Partner with Papa — 4 Comments

  1. It was 2010. I saw the Lord walking on a path that went around the globe. He was also reading a scroll and on the scroll was what He was doing at that moment and what He was going to do. I walked up onto His right side and listened to His plans.  After awhile, another man walked up on His left side.  I did not see who it was, but I knew he was a friend.  When Jesus was finished reading the scroll to us, I knew in my heart that I did not need to know who the friend was, and I did not need to discuss what we had heard.  Because I understood clearly that he’d heard what I heard.  And it was simple to understand.  That’s how it is when the Lord speaks. 

    I know that you have heard from the Lord for the things that you post.  How else would you have known about this?  I am one of the Father’s sons.  But, my comments are often rejected, because I don’t talk like a religious person.  The Lord uses we sons to correct doctrine.  That’s almost always automatically rejected.  We are not schooled or trained by any Bible colleges.  I can hardly memorize any Scriptures.  Nevertheless, we’ve lived them out.  We’ve experienced the Scriptures; they are testimonies now.  We’re not housebroke (church-broke).  We’re just regular Joe’s — with an extraordinary personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.  He really is our Friend.  We know the correct doctrine, because we know Him.

    • Thank you for that Dennis. It is so true that God is using ordinary people like us these days and in the great harvest that is who he will use..
      Keep on speaking if no one listens. It is getting to whoever God wants it to. Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for this word Woman of GOD, I exactly have felt GOD has forsaken me and abandoned me in this season, I felt so unloved, its as if my prayers were not even reaching the Lord and all around me is my situation getting worse, its like there’s no way out as I prayed this morning the LORD said come read kingdom prophecy this morning and I read this word. Thank u again

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