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You Are Being Promoted to the Top! — 4 Comments

  1. Good words. I’m convinced that the true obedient and in God’s eyes trustworthy people will be those who soon will be raised from ‘nowhere’ to actually rule their nations. And surely they will speak with ‘tounges’ that is fully understandable to everyone.

    “he that speaketh in an ‘unknown’ tongue speaketh not(from what he hear from the Spirit of God) unto men, but unto God (from his own spirit) 1Cor.14:1
    “For if I pray in an ‘unknown’ tongue, my (own, not God’s) spirit prayeth 1Cor.14:14

    “if I come unto you speaking with tongues , what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation (from God), or by knowledge (from God), or by prophesying (from God), or by doctrine (from God) 1Cor.14:6

    “So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood (by everyone), how shall it be known what is spoken? 1Cor.14:9

    “Wherefore (unknown) tongues are for a sign, (but) not to them that believe (only what they hear the Father say), BUT to them that believe not (that you must hear what the Father say) 1Cor.14:22

    “but prophesying (speaking only what you hear the Father say) serveth not for them that believe not (that this is necessary), but for them which believe (in Jesus when He said that this is necessary). 1Cor.14:22

    “these signs shall follow them that believe (that you must hear what the Father say) In my name (in obedience to this teaching) shall they cast out devils (that until then had occupied their own mind and first then) they shall speak with new tongues (which from now on only speak what they hear the Father say) Mark 16:17

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