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  1. Amen!! Such Glorious Truth!! Thank You Holy Spirit, and thank you for sharing Deborah :D
    Every morning I’m awakened early. And upon awakening I can immediately feel the pressure of the the oppressor. But I say, “Good beautiful Day Abba, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit.” As I make my coffee and bed and prepare to sit in our beautiful space we’ve prepared to hang out, I’m fighting off the heaviness thats attempting to steal, kill, and destroy. But as I just simply begin to thank the Father for His goodness, and for giving to me and to all of Creation the most Beautiful Gift He could have ever given, the oppression begins to lift.
    This morning from that place, as I sat watching the sun rise up, and continued in fellowship and prayer, before my very eyes as the Spirit of God removed every single cloud and shadow. I am right now looking at the most Beautiful crystal clear blue sky ever!! There’s ups and downs right now for sure, but He’s given us a Promise in His Word, and I do declare in agreement with His Spirit of Truth, that very soon, our Joy will NEVER be taken from us again.  His Vessels chosen to pour out His Presence, His Peace, His Love, and His Joy will have a Cup which NEVER EVER runs dry….WOOP WOOP!! :D
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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