You Are Creative: A Door to Fulfillment


Creativity and expressing ourselves are major doorways to fulfillment.  Igniting passion for who we are and what we like to do will radically change the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.

What is creativity?

Creativity is the creation and expression of ideas, thoughts, and inspirations.  You are created in God’s image and because God is a creator, you have an integrated desire to create as well. In reality, you are a creative being with an inherent ability and need to co-create with your Creator and one another.

Creativity is misunderstood.  When you tell someone they are creative, they often deflect the idea because most people equate creativity with artists, musicians and designers.  Though these are legitimate forms of creativity, it actually goes much deeper than this.  Creativity can flow through every aspect of life.

Creativity brings out your destiny

Creativity can easily get lost in our busy multimedia-stimulated lives.  Finding ways to express ourselves is important because it fills a longing we all have to convey more of who we are and why we were created.

Ever notice that people want you to know what they value?  They have custom ringtones with their favorite song on their cell phones.  Some plaster their cars with bumper stickers.  Others broadcast messages on their t-shirts or ball caps, while many people have tattoos that tell all. It is part of our need to express who we are and what we value.

You have buried treasure

Often these small ways of expressing ourselves could be hints about what our true destiny really is.  Our life’s purpose is like buried treasure within us.  We continually receive clues that point to our divinely given gifts and talents.  Sadly, few people discover these gifts and fail to find their greater purpose in life.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.Proverbs 25:2 NIV.

Keep being creative

If we are not careful, creativity can get stifled and dreams can die.  We end up settling for less and get caught in the current of making a living, or in the turbulent waters of past pain and loss.  Many people are not even aware that they stay busy in order to numb the pain of boredom and lack of challenge in their lives.  Deep inside, we all want to know more about why we are here.  We want to contribute to something that is greater than ourselves.  We really want to know that our lives on earth could somehow make a difference in the world.

My desire is to help you ignite passion and find the clues that may be hidden in your life that will help to unlock the doors to creativity and lifelong fulfillment.  I want to help you discover your gifts and talents, and to find a life of true fulfillment.  It is never too late.

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~ Doug Addison

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