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You Are His Hidden Gem, His Jewel — 6 Comments

  1. We are a signet for the Lord.  A delightful story of our inheritance by a ring.  Wow, thank you Lord for your delight and glory.

  2. So good, thank You Abba Father.
    I’m reminded of the prophecy that the Lord gave around 1960, I can’t remember the man’s name but the Giant (The Church) was tied down and fast asleep with tiny minions climbing all over him, but he suddenly awoke, broke free from the ropes, stood to his feet and began to worship The Father!! The minions fled!!  Many people made up this Giant, and as One, the Giant lifted his hands in worship. The Lord was seen standing above him and extended His Hands toward the Giant and Light shot forth from His Hands to theirs at which time the people scattered throughout the earth extending their hands and releasing His Light into all the people of the Earth!!!!
    This man had this vision in dream form three times in one night, and every time the dream was completely identical to the last…
    Blessings beautiful lady!!

  3. In the late 80s i was given a prophesy from jeramiah 9 . Recently i had a dream where a man put a ring on my finger and told ne that i am the bride of christ and i have the authority of a bride. I didn’t know what this means but now its becomming clearer. Praise God for his faithfulness to us.

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