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You are My War Eagles — 1 Comment

  1. Abba, I love how you speak so well through Deborah, I hear you so clearly.
    I’m forever seeking you, your face, your perfect will for my life. I desire to know you more. I desire to be filled overflowing, abounding, higher and higher in you. Daddy, you are so funny at times you make me laugh out loud, like just now when you said to me, pick up that snake and carry him into my realms of Glory, very well, ok I pick him up into your realms of Glory, while we both are laughing. I love you my friend, that I do, you are so good, so wonderful, just too much for me. I thank you for your awesome power you have given unto me, with the Authority, the Weapons, to use, for I am Victorious, and I shall not be defeated ever. Thank you Lion of Judah for fighting for me.
    Higher Praises to you my King !!!! I love you to the moon.

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