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You Are Not There of Your Own Accord — 5 Comments

  1. Powerful Deborah! I haven’t even read other comments yet, as this so excited me! Straightforward and spot on! This stood out:

    “He is SHUTTING THE MOUTHS of the lying lions and LIFTING you out of their den! You dwell in the Lion’s Den, not the den of thieves. Amen, truth and very encouraging. God bless you

  2. These 2 years I have been surrounded by oppression and so much opposition all around, the feeling to give up the fight has been strong. But God knows what we need to hear on time. This is truly a word to lift my bowed down head again and bring hope alive.

  3. Thank you Deborah!
    I had a Graduation vision in the very early hours of this morning. God showed me a group of us standing on the steps outside of what looked like a Capital Building. He was fixing our caps, preparing us for the ceremony.
    We made it!! I don’t know who else was with me, but I know that I know that they as well have exited hell. And not once did we deny His Name, and although it felt like we’d been abandoned by all He never left our side!!!
    Oh Dear God and Father thank You!!! Let them see the doors we’re walking through today Father. LET Your Peace and Rest by the Power of Your Spirit be released without measure this Day Lord…this Beautiful New Day Father!! Amen and Amen

    • Bravo dear Cheri, I love that beautiful crowning confirmation the Lord gave you..so good! THE NEW DAY IS HERE..Step into IT1 Love and blessings, Sandi Holman

  4. Beautiful!!
    It Tis
    It will be

    ( thank you for Your Encouraging Words
    from HIM to HIS Body. I know
    Your Life has to be full of battles
    thank you for Choosing to
    Obey Our Lord
    No matter the cost )

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