You Are Standing in His Victory!

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Watch the Words!

Please be extremely carefully at the prophetic Words you form agreements with.

Make sure it lines up with the word of life, victory and freedom.  Satan is revealing his hand in this hour and it is only to cause fear, intimidation and control.

In this hour put a guard at your heart, your mind and your mouth!

Satan is looking for those who will come into the power of agreement with his intentions, agenda and purposes for the nations in this hour.  He knows that if he can get you to agree and then decree his evil plans, then they can be made manifest upon the earth.

Keep watching, praying and praising!

You Are Standing in His Victory!

I keep hearing these words in the realms of the spirit, “Fire starters are now emerging as the transforming power of God shakes the earth!”

I Prophesy:  We are seeing and hearing a shaking in the heavens and in the earth.

The spirit of truth is shaking the inhabitants of the land.  The conforming and transforming power of God’s word is realigning the earth with heavens reality.

A mighty army is now advancing, there is a repositioning and rearrangement in the camp of the LORD, the season of change and transition is upon us.  The trumpet of God has been sounded for sons and daughters to stand in a new level authority, grace and power in this hour.

The Spirit of Unity is moving upon the hearts and minds of God’s people causing many to arise in this season to go forth and declare their righteousness by His blood.

Strongholds and strangleholds of the enemy are being dismantled and broken.  I see an army of warriors begin to conquer and overcome those things that seemed impossible in the past, the weak are being made strong.

I hear the sound of a war cry of victory over the people of God, satan is defeated, the hand of God has overturned and overthrown every situation that has seemed insurmountable and impossible for many.

Listen!  The ground is fertile and the seeds that you have sown will now reap a harvest, turning and reversing the work of the devourer.  Every hindrance that has drained and stifled your momentum is being uprooted and removed.

There is a clear pathway forming in front of you.  A pathway that leads to fruitfulness and increase.  The Spirit of God has equipped and empowered you to stand and be strong in the conflict, there is a battle that rages in the heavens on your behalf, be assured of his blood that has overcome every demonic assignment and onslaught.

He has given you weapons to war and to win, now take hold of his peace and His salvation.  Take hold of His righteousness and His faith, let His spirit and His truth guide and direct you.

I Prophesy:  You are standing in His victory in this hour.

Hope is rising, it’s a new day and a new dawn for the faithful ones of God.

I see the finger god begin to stretch you beyond your comfort zone, taking you beyond the borders of the familiarity and safety.

He is enlarging you and preparing you for appointed times and seasons.  You are being reset and re-calibrated for these are indeed set times, times of watching and waiting.

Heaven is about to move.  There is a release of the power of his presence.

I Prophesy:  His promises will be made manifest upon the earth.

Get ready for the suddenlies of God will now begin to sweep across the nations like wild fires as the cries of repentance go forth.  Be expectant for a display of God’s glory that shall be seen on earth like never before.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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