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  1. Truly, the Holy Spirit has revealed this to you and it is logical to all who have the Holy Spirit, through the transformation of being born again. It is foolishness for the world – therefore the world hates us, mocks and persecutes etc.
    Thank you, dear brother. I can’t respond to all of you who boldly and lovingly stood with me in the fire, trusting and believing in Divine protection. So I write this update to you, hoping that my most faithful brothers & sisters will enjoy this short update: GOD grants me now enough time for restoration, HE made a medical field worker compassionate to grant me an attest for at least 3 months of recovery, rejuvenation, restoration. I can confess, that GOD protects and blesses those who seek Him in every step, who seek His face (yes, look up) and who ask Him, even in the smallest things, and who cry out to Him, and who thank Him. Philippians 4

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