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You Will See with Your Eyes the Greatness of God! — 4 Comments

  1. I very much needed to hear this today.
    The other day as I was getting into my vehicle after another day of incredible persecution and fighting against the oppression of this dark spirit, my mind went to the Word in Psalms where the Lord laughs for He sees their time is coming, and the Holy Spirit stopped me and said, “That time is now.”
    I pray today for the Judgements and the Justice of the Righteous Judge to be released against the lawlessness and injustice that have taken root within the hearts of His beloved people, ALL of us. To purge the defilement and the sewage that has prevented us from reflecting our True Identity in the Image of His Beauty, of His Love and Purity.
    Thank you so much Russ for this amazing encouragement today, there are so many who desperately needed to hear these words!! :)

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