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You Will Testify of His Goodness — 5 Comments

  1. Because of the water problem we had, we did not have any garden for years even they are healed; Then I asked the Father what you say if I cook the vegetable today ( 17th)that I plant this year even I got headache last time, I got Jer3:19:” How gladly would I treat you like my sons and give you a desirable land, the most beautiful inheritance of any nations.” Yes he did give us a beautiful land so I cooked it and it was so good even best.
    Our Father is so patient with this poor one when I did not act because of fear, he waited until I followed the Sovereign Hand of God to move on my behalf this day and I am FREE! From now on I start drink from the cup of blessing, the cup of ALL that his body and blood purchased for me- the cup of health, prosperity, life, joy, happiness and safety. To God be the glory, and honor and kingdom forever! FOR HE DOES CARE …

  2. Praise be to God for the great things HE has done, is doing and and for what is to come. Hallelujah!!! I needed this word. I say Lord, Father God have YOUR perfect way. He is so good. I am not worthy but He saw fit to keep me and bless me anyhow. Who else can give such grace? Such mercy? Oh praise His Holy name!!!

  3. I was just testifying of the Lords goodness! I’m getting some cattle on the ranch the Lord Jesus gave me.  It is a ranch of about 30 miles long by 30 miles wide in south central Colorado.

    I will need some angel cowboys to ride night herd on this place.

    I was just asking the Lord for a ranch, one day.  I had just been evicted from my place, and needed some place quick and inexpensive to put my RV.  Online I found a small property with easy monthly payments.  I bought it without looking at it.  When I finally moved my trailer here, I discovered that this was a huge valley area with no fences.  They call it “open range.  My land is right in the middle of it.  The Rio Grande River runs through it for 30 miles.

    I have been much thanking the Lord!  This ranch on the southern end is right at the foot of a huge round shaped mountain.  My last name Rundberg is Swedish meaning “Round Mountain”

    I call this ranch Round Mountain Cattle Co.

    My son was tracing our heritage by DNA. It seems my DNA can be traced to the south central Colorado area, 400 hundred years before any white men came here.

    We serve a great big God!

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