Your change has not yet come?


Somebody, I am here to speak to you, because you have fasted, repented, taken prayers, and done everything which you could do about your situation.  But change hasn’t come yet.

If you know that you are in right standing with God, there is one more thing which you need to know, and that is: not everything you go through is caused by something wrong in your life.  Sometimes, God will allow trouble to walk into your life for His own glory.

See the story of Job.  This man, by God’s own testimony, feared God and hated all that is evil.  Yet we still find satan obtaining permission to take him for a tour through trouble land – and boy, oh boy, doesn’t job take more trouble than many of us will ever get to see during our entire lifetime on this earth?

He was tested to the outer limits, yet we still find him standing steadfast in his integrity and trusting the LORD.

Many of us, when we just go through some small fire, begin doing what Job’s wife advised him to do… “Curse God and die.”  if we have prayed for so long and things haven’t changed, we turn and begin to think that God is the source of our problems.

We begin to become impatient with him.  But you need to remember Job, that when he lost everything, including his multi-million dollar properties, his whole family, yes, even his health, he still said: ‘Though he slay me, I will yet trust in him’.

This man knew more about afflictions than many of us will ever know today.

When everyone abandoned Jesus because He taught them saying, “Except you eat My flesh and drink My blood, you have no life in you,”  He turned to His disciples and asked them, “Are you also going to leave?”   But Peter answered, “Master, where else shall we go?  You have the words of life.”  

He knew that no matter how tough it becomes, there is nowhere else they could go.  The question I would like to pose to you today is: have you yet found somewhere or someone else to run to?

Yes, it is possible for you to be serving God, walking righteous before him, and still go through fire.  The word of God declares in the Book of Psalms,  “Many are the afflictions of the righteous,”  Did you hear that?  Not few, but many.

However, the next part of that verse is the best: “…But the LORD delivers him out of them all.”  Did you hear that?  Not some, but all.  We must come out of the childish mentality that says,  ‘because I am child of God,  I should not go through trouble.’

Aha!  That kind of a mindset is what has stopped many children of God from growing in the faith.  For faith grows through afflictions.

Take note of the words of Job, for he said,  “Man that is born of a woman, has few years and full of trouble.”

So to imagine that we would have a trouble free life is basically a fleeting dream from which we will need to wake up.  God allowed trouble on the earth, so He may teach us not to be whiners and complainers, but victors and over-comers.

When the disciples were walking with Jesus on His ministry trips, they encountered a blind man on the way.  They immediately assumed that the blindness of the man was caused by some sin.  But when they asked the Master whose sin it was, He simply replied:  “Neither, but this blindness is for the glory of God.”

Some of the trials you are going through right now have not come because you need repentance, but the LORD allowed them so he can use your life to display his glory.

Still, we must be keen to distinguish what was caused and what was not.  Then we can say, “Father reveal your glory through my life.”  Ah, I decree to you, the time has come when those who branded you a sinner because of the fire you went through to be amazed by the demonstration of the glory of god in your life.

I command your miracle turn around to manifest by fire; come, receive double for your trouble, in Jesus’ name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi




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  1. Hello Precious brother in Christ, I’ve been soaking in the glory captured within your videos. You were sent by God to bring clarity, deliverance, and strength to my life. Thank you from my heart! What ministries are you affiliated with here in the U.S.? Please pray that God quickly restores the finances stolen so that I can go to places like Kenya to visit ministries like yours. Pray for my son and daughter to be restored,married, healed, and the desires of their hearts fulfilled. I know you have some insight into my situations. I believe God is moving. I’ve been praying for hours with you from the videos. I’ve been shown things. I would like to sow something into your ministry. If you pray by live Skype or programing please send an itinerary indicating time and station. Do you have prayer clothes? Love in Christ, to you, your wife, family and ministry. Marlena Weber