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Your New Resurrection Spirit, Soul and Last of All, Body — 5 Comments

  1. SO so very well spoken, Ron. Love every word expressed so clearly. My favorite line was nothing lacking and nothing to wait for. AMEN! And oh yes, all things are possible..to those who TRULY BELIEVE. This is His commandment to us: ONLY BELIEVE!. Many blessings my brother, Sandi Holman

  2. Yes, Ron does explain it very well.
    Ron I believe this confirms what I heard the Lord said to me a few months ago, that I won’t experience death, but I kept it to myself. Wow! You gave me the courage to say it here.  Thank you!

  3. “In the Resurrection they are like the angels of God (who are) in heaven.” Now is that time to “Arise, shine for our light is come.”
    A resurrection, transformation is close at hand just when all seems lost.
    Look up for your redemption draws nigh.
    “The manifestation of The Sons of God.”
    Romans 8:15- 23
    Now Just what does that look like?
    “Vision of the Rain of Fire”_ Susan Cummings (Jan. 2009)

  4. Amen!  This is what I have been sensing as well, but you express it so well.  The spirit man fully renewed in Christ, gradually redeeming the soul, and then suddenly the body, like a spiritual waterfall from the pure source of Christ!  I cannot help but believe the fulfillment is tied to the three major feasts, as salvation is our Passover, with an earnest of the Spirit, Pentecost for a greater infilling, then Tabernacles, when we are fully present with God, in clothing of linen (spiritual bodies) rather than clothing of wool.  Like the priests of old we will be able to transition between heaven and earth putting on the “garment” needed for each task.  These are not my revelations, but that of Dr. Stephen Jones. Yet everything in me recognizes their truth.  Bless you sir, I continue to appreciate your writings as advanced intel from the Father, literally a type of fulfilment of Jeremiah 33:3.

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