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  1. Midnight confirmation:
    In the past 2 weeks I had to change often my shoes because my feet were aching. I even bought new shoes. But a greater confirmation:
    Today at work somehow the leader of 140 employees spoke to some of us, what his thoughts are about heaven and hell. An old lady is in her final hours, and all denied hell. They think that God will bring good luck for everyone after natural death. It is a very Catholic area. Then he said: “Marion, you are a believer – what do you think?”
    I responded, that heaven AND hell are reality, and that the Holy Bible is the basis of Christianity. One colleague mocked and said, Bible would be a fairytale book. I told them calm, peaceful and as strong as I could, what the truth is:
    Not everyone will wake up in heaven – some will wake up in hell.
    Oh… I then heard, this would be a “religious neutral” house. Later I went to him personally and said, one day Jesus will return and speak to some of the people: “Who are you – I do not know you”. Judgment Day will come for everyone, and all must be prepared. I spoke about humility and forgiveness at lifetime, and the Lord`s Prayer, and that there would be a day when it is too late. After these conversations I prayed that I don`t lose my job.

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