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Your Praises Are Like Bombs to the Enemy — 5 Comments

  1. This word is an answer to prayer, not that I’ve been praying for people to suffer, but as I lie in the bed of suffering, in ways so dark I won’t share here, but I’ve been speaking life into all who are cursing me, all who are participating with the evil one, it’s so bad. I asked the Lord last night if it was okay to speak life into these ones as I’ve been doing, He said, and I quote, “There will be vengeance!”
    I believe it’s begun.
    Juliette, thank you dear beautiful lady, God bless you, through tears my sister in Christ!!

  2. “they shall not know where it comes from… for I AM sending terror into their camps.
    That which they’ve sown into, shall become their harvest,” says The LORD.”

    Amen. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Righteous Father! I have been suffering for a long time due to enemies’ various attacks. May God rectify all the distorted things and restore them. I believe you are a promise keeper.
    ♡ Thanks, Juliet.

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