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Your Strength come from My Timing! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Jo Ellen (and A.B Ayer) for sharing this knowledge!
    I often receives ‘new strength’ when I feel that I do not have more left but I did not knew about this ‘exchange’ between the Lord and ourselves.

  2. Jo Ellen,

    The Lord has been teaching this to me over the last years–exactly what you said: “You cannot EXCHANGE strength with me…”  He has been teaching me that this is a FLOW–back and forth between us.  And HE does this, not me.  Again, so important that we understand this is an EXCHANGE, and that the strength, the life energy, does not come from us, or from anything we do, but from HIM.  This has been life-changing for me to understand this.  Thank you so much for your word.  I have been completely empty for some time, and so needed to hear this today.  Blessings!!!

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