12 Deceptive Catholic Teachings — 3 Comments

  1. About ‘prayers to Mary’

    “His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever He (not me His mother) saith unto you, do it. John2:5

    Yes,she says with her own words that the only one who is a servant to Jesus listen to Him and does what He says, not what she says!

  2. Urgent Prayer Request:

    My wife, Carol, my wife’s cousin, Carolyn has breast cancer. I believe this is Carolyn’s second time having breast cancer. She is taking chemo and is really sick from both the treatment and the cancer. Please pray for her healing. Also, please pray for Norma. She has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  She is now in Intensive Care and is very weak.  I’m afraid the prognosis doesn’t look good, but there’s a good GOD.

    Second Prayer Request:

    Please pray for deliverance of our son, Collin from satanic oppression and influences. He was raised Christian, but he has become an agnostic. He does some type of meditation with some type of religious unknown to me, and he now doesn’t like for me to pray or speak my Christian convictions and beliefs. Please pray for my deliverance (Ronnie) from over 25 years of oppression from a former employer, and it’s still going on (I participated in an Ouija game as a child), and also for the healing of my digestive system. Please pray for my wife, Carol to be delivered from oppression and depression (she participated in a séance as a child) and our deliverance from heavy debt. I also in need of a job. Lastly although it should be first, please pray for our salvation and the salvation of our loved ones and enemies.

    GOD Bless, Ronnie, Carol and Collin Heath

    • may the light off his love shine into ur family im also a cancer patient lean blessings john