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A word to the wise is sufficient — 2 Comments

  1. Hi….greetings from Canada….
    I totally agree with you about low key….
    If you read about. Heavenly man …brother Yun….
    They had no phone….facebook….cars etc….the holy spirit spoke to them his directions..

    Also Richard wurmbrand survivor of communist prison Russia….he stated that we must NOT repeat NOT..give out any indication of home church whereabouts….they met secretly in forests….apartments ….homes
    And had secret codes to identify real brothers….like the first century church….

    look up these two brothers. For reference….
    I totally agree to not be foolish but wise in revealing
    Hone meetings…..
    Wisdom as Jim so correctly stares in his message…

  2. Hello my name is roger. God has called on me. know i just wanted to know does that mean of us christians who are called should stay below the radar and if so how do we. In terms of low key do we not help people and tell them are knowlege ? God bless.