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2021 — A Year of Conflict & War — 3 Comments

  1. We are to listen to what thus saith the LORD…we don’t know the TURN of events according to CHAPTER 24 in MATTHEW. The world I AGREE shall ONE day come to closure, but it stands on God’s timing, HIS decision to push the last breath 4 mankind. This is 2021 we have no clues, indications what 2morrow brings…yes the AntiChrist is coming…yes WE are right now in pre tribulations TRIALS…YES..GOD is preparing the incoming without notice. He is still & ALWAYS pleading to HIS TRUE followers to continue to share the GOSPEL when the vanishings occur there is a set staged 4 the NWO NEW WORLD ORDER THE NWO LEADER, NWO GOVERNMENT. IF U ARE CONFUSED READ GOD’S WORD ( the BIBLE..READ the BOOK of Revelation and Daniel regarding these events). I ALSO recommend…the “LEFT BEHIND” SERIES it sold over 12 million COPIES. Last, Get closer to GOD listen to HIS voice, HIS direction through the HOLY Spirit (our comforter). He’s WAITING☝☝☝AMEN.

  2. Mena, I truly thank God for this message! You are one of the few voices, in the church who speaks the true words of Jesus! So much out there is fluff?? No one or I should say few are truly prepared to meet the Lord! Your message brought me to tears! I listened to it twice today. I was convicted myself about the whole social media thing! I am praying, all I want is to stay close to the Lord and truly hear Him for these days are so evil, and many distractions are snares to us. Thank you for this message!

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