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A Word of Encouragement to The Body of Christ — 3 Comments

  1. My SPIRIT during these horrible worldly events weakened me difficult unexpected sieges, unwarranted intake
    leads complexity, egregiously (kid playground battles) from “Left and Right” far right political factions. It won’t change & will worse beyond human hand, intelligent control. God’s WORD prophectically forewarned these facts. I AGREE believers deeply keep ur spiritual EYES on GOD, OUR eyes (naturally and spiritually) on the prize (JESUS CHRIST) our KING and NOT with man-MADE, human extractions fighting an empty wind “here today”_”gone tomorrow”. Eternity ONLY ONLY comes from GOD- HE is our shield, our armor, our SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, OUR LION OF JUDAH & OUR LAMB OF GOD…NOW I’m unafraid,unbeaten,un-weak.☝☝☝

  2. In other words, most the prophets got it wrong, and nobody is looking at the times and the seasons.

    I warned before, things had changed before the election 1. A number of people came of voting age during trump’s tenure. Things shifted and the media mis-portrayed alot including influencing the next generation.

    2. when civil war was prophesied there was another train of thought, which was “what if the war came from the people to retain their freedom. (many thought it would come from the left after donald won a second term)

    3. What is happening right now is the exact portrayal of Christ being crucified (an analogy of trump) and how many peter’s there are. Persecution will start now of any religious and /or republican tendencies. Just like in the days when the people wanted a king, Samuel acquiesced and God gave them what they wanted even though it was bad for them.

    The media owns this country and holds the narrative. Until that changes, nothing will change.

  3. You so blessed me in sharing this message, I too have heard the Lord is saying famine is coming.. War is coming.  A titan missile strike that will somehow pass the early warning .system I believe that the Lord will get many peoples attention in this time.  I heard the Lord say: The revival has begun, the workers are few.  Pray the Lord of the harvest send forth laborers into the harvest.  The church has had a party spirit, and has been partying far oo long in their deception.Learning to hear Gods voce could save our lives.  It’s so crucial to know God and to hear His voice. So blessed to hear you speak what I believe, and also lines up with the word of God.
    A sister in the Lord.
    Be blessed.  So good to hear another is also hearing the same things from the Lord.

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