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5 Words On The LORD’s Heart — 2 Comments

  1. “They have authority over you and over this nation, both physical and spiritual authority, because of the office they will hold.”

    I must say that the Lord clearly teach us, both in His Word and by experience in Him, that even if government (to some part) has authority over our body – one can be put in jail and so on- they have NO spiritual authority over the one who is walking in totally obedience to the Holy Spirit.

    For this reason it must be, and I hope the author means this, that those who are not walking according to the Law of the Spirit of the Life in Christ Jesus and therefore are not (through disobedience) delivered from the law of sin and death, only they are under that spiritual authority (?)
    If it was not so then walking in perfect obedience to the Lord would be totally in vain and the commandment to spiritually leave the world would be a lie.

    “I will show to you, whom ye may fear (reverence and be loyal to) Fear him who, after the killing, is having authority to cast to the gehenna; yes, I say to you, Fear ye Him Luke 12:5

    • When the one in office opened his mouth to say abortion is okay, that he stood with Planned Parenthood, it gave the demons of murder, violence, death, and destruction a wide open field in the US to come in and do what they wanted. Since then there has been an upswing in violence, murder, death and destruction across the US.

      When the one in authority over the US, because of his physical office is over the US, spoke that the homosexual agenda was good, that he was in agreement with it. Again, it gave free reign for the spirits of perversion, lust, sexual sins, & their friends to come into the US, to do what they wanted to do. A consequence of his words and actions that are evil to us. Again there was an upswing of all of those activities and those spirits operating.

      Again why it is so important we are careful what we speak. We are accountable for it in the end to the Lord, but very obviously the one currently in authority doesn’t care and worships another.

      The physical / natural positions / jobs you have on earth, gives you spiritual authority in those realms. Some people use that authority to further the Kingdom of God, others use it to destroy everything they can.

      It also makes it more important that we listen to God’s heart to listen who our leaders should be.

      There are consequences & rewards to whatever we do, say, and pray, even with authority God gives us.

      Makes it even more important to follow after God’s Heart and lose our heart to Him, so that we are obedient to Him and not ourselves.

      Bless you!  Bev

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