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A Camel and a Needle’s Eye — 2 Comments

  1. 骆驼;象征忍耐,针眼;象征窄门小路只有像骆驼那样靠着圣灵‘(骆驼峰里面储存的水象征圣灵)才能进入永生’十字架的道路像针一样微小掉在地里不容易找到。而财主的问题在于他依靠钱财不依靠圣灵‘所以没有办法进入永生。

    [ HKP Admin : Google Translate : “Camel; symbolizes patience, the eye of the needle; symbolizes the narrow-door path. Only by relying on the Holy Spirit’ (the water stored in the camel’s peak symbolizes the Holy Spirit) can you enter eternal life like a camel. The problem with the rich man is that he depends on money and not on the Holy Spirit’ so there is no way to enter eternal life. ” ]

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