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A Canada Word Confirmation — 3 Comments

  1. About a year ago I heard the Lord say,”I’m pouring out My Spirit on the Northland. Being from Minnesota I assumed it was Northern USA He was referring to, but I now believe He’s not looking through the border lens of man at all, but rather the communion and convergence of the two becoming one. The words I’ve been hearing concerning Canada are the very experiences, physical experiences I’ve been having. I believe we will be joining hands in His, these two beautiful Nations, and working together to bring the Kingdom of God upon the earth, without any comparison or competition, but in the Knowledge of the Spirit of Truth, Righteous, Unity, Mercy and Peace…:)
    Woop Woop!!! :D

  2. I’m so happy to hear this word. I no longer knew what to think. For one thing, I was starting to be concerned about our American neighbors having difficulty in crossing back to their country when the time for it took place. I imagined that the borders might be closed to them. Through all of this, I have had hope that we would be victorious through God Almighty. I knew that if people humbled themselves and prayed that God would bring us the victory. The battle has been fierce and the lies have been many. Heidi Bryden, I thank you for speaking the word of the Lord on this matter. I am overjoyed and filled with renewed hope for our Canadian nation. Thank You, Lord!

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