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The word “temperance,”  ̓γκράτεια  egkrateia  eng-krat’-i-ah  comes from the Greek words “en” and “kratos”.  The word en means IN, and the word kratos is the Greek word for POWER.  When joined into one word, these two Greek words form the word “enkrateia”, which means in control” and brings out the meaning of power over one’s self.  It is often translated as the word “self-control.”  It is describing the control or restraint of one’s passions, appetites, OPINIONS and desires.

A person with temperance or self control has power over their appetites, physical urges, passions, and impulsive desires.  Because the Holy Spirit has produced temperance in his or her life, they are able to say no to overeating, no to overindulging in fleshly activities, no to any excesses in the physical realm.  This also must strongly be exercised and applied when prophetic people are stirred by the events occurring around them or when they see and hear of them.  They must not “impulsively speak” or rush to “get a fresh word out” in a hurry, when actually it is not really for them to speak about occurring events at all!

Yes, they may “see and hear,” but too often they speak too quickly or prematurely about events that they have no real business addressing publicly.

Those who are in the actual “fallout” or glories of an event must be preferred, must be placed first to speak, must be deferred to, given the place FIRST to address, to bring the words that only one who has ” been there” can accurately deliver.

Let the people of the precious AMC church in Charleston be the first to tell what God is doing and saying.  Let them be His voice at “Ground zero”!  They know EXACTLY how to address the moments unfolding.

Young prophets and old!  Be quick to hear, but SLOW to speak.

And yes….  To be judged by other prophets is proper and scriptural.

“Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God.  God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few,”   Ecclesiastes 5:2.

Too many have rushed to the blogging sites to release an impression or insight, perhaps to be the “first one out of the chute,” without considering the lives of those they are about to blast out about over the Internet.

When my dear brother and friend John Paul Jackson passed into the arms of Jesus, there were nearly instant blasts and tooting trumpets of “spiritualizing” and supposed words from the Lord circulating every blog and website with a high profile, before John’s body was even cooled and his family was yet in shock.

Did any of these “prophets” or bloggers think to use a godly protocol of temperance and perhaps contact his family or a staff member close to JP and with respect, first…. Before posting… share those impressions or words with them?

Did they consider the effects of their inconsiderate timing while the family was grieving and staff members were deeply saddened?  What about the children and grandchildren who would see these postings so speedily published on the Internet, discussing their father, their grandfather, as some abstract person?

Let the prophetic bloggers and forums and current “voices,” understand that there are protocols, responsibilities and inner warnings from the Spirit of God that need to and must be heeded!

If you rush with words, and hurry to be “hip” by trending with current events without first discerning timing and the effects it will have on others, there will be a great disservice done to the body of Christ with your haste.

A person with the spirit of temperance/ self control in their life maintains it.  (That means to live a disciplined life of moderation and control.)

The word enkrateia — “temperance” — could be translated as restraint, moderation, discipline, balance, temperance, or self-control.  You can see how the opposite of temperance feeds works of the flesh.  If the flesh is allowed to have its way, it will over-worry, overwork, overeat, overindulge, overreact, over-share and literally run itself to death.

But when a person is controlled by the Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit produces in them a discipline over the physical realm that helps them sustain their physical condition, remain free from sin, discern God’s timing in sensitive situations and settings, and live a life that is humble, considerate and balanced.

Prophetic people!  We must do “maintenance” on our soul with self-control.  Just like you do an automobile, you check for leaks and cracks.

You are required to keep yourself in order and maintain humility of heart when operating in the gifts.

“Remember that people who prophesy are in control of their spirit and can take turns,”   1 Corinthians 14:32.


~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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