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A Coming Famine for The Word of God — 2 Comments

  1. Elizabeth, this one line struck me as I read this warning: Have the oil of readiness in your lamps at all times. Indeed, do we really grasp the fullness of that statement and are we armed with gladness? God bless you. Sandi Holman

  2. I totally believe what you said. I have attempted to ecncourage all believers to read their bibles and do it NOW….while they can.  I encourage everyone to read the complete Bible. Many discount the OT and do so to their detriment. Everything you said is true and is confirmed by the Word of God. In China just a few years ago the authorities entered the homes of believers and removed any and EVERYTHING that even hinted at God, Christ, etc. In fact I remember reading the statement that ANYTHING THAT REPRESENTED HOPE WAS REMOVED. It is difficult to persuade American believers of these things. thank you again.

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