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  1. WOW, Syreeta, you sure hit the nail on the head ‘as they say’. What a POWERFUL word from the throne room. Not sure where to begin so I was just talking about your first paragraph yesterday and the role Faceboook has played in this Weighlessness: “because Heaven doesn’t endorse or recognize them — because their hearts are filled with envy, jealousy and utter wickedness”. Then as I was realizing this confirmation, I was remembering Chris Bennett’s recent word on the new prophets. Next ‘make up the hedge’..may we bravely and humbly take our place as intercessors to ‘stand in the gap’ and hold the ground for victory, Last, Dear Prophet, may we never fall into the trap of ‘pride’ and self as Ty Unruh recently warned us through the heart of the Father. Last may we be all ears to the servants of the Lord old, new, seasoned, and unseasoned but filled with fresh oil, May we keep our lamps burning in wisdom and humility til we meet the one who allows us to be His mouthpiece. May we hear, well done, good and faithful servant God bless you. Sandi Holman

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