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A Dream About Donald Trump! — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing and continue praying for all Americans We need that miracle, most people want what is good for America, but are blinded by the media to believes lies about President Trump It causes hatred

  2. It is so important and significant that this word was given BEFORE President Trump was elected.
    And, as I write in JUN 2020, this vision is even more important, as the forces of hell seek to destroy his presidency.

  3. Please remember to pray that Yahweh’s perfect plan and purpose be done here on earth as it is in heaven.  He sets up and He takes down Love and blessings to all .

  4. somebody is lying prophet carn and others said he would not be president but you come alone and say he is. it makes a lot of us wonder if any of yall are getting a rhema word. however i respect everyone and their opinions. God Bless!

  5. If the Lord be for Donald Trump nobody can be against him. No matter the whilwind, the oppositions and thr forces of darkness, the purpose of the Lord shall stand and prevaill in Jesus name.

  6. Dear Veronika and Elaine Tavolacci the lord bless you
    I was reading on Hebrew 1:7 and i was searching on google about the servants that God will pour flames of fire. i get to your website kingdom prophecy. i was very pleased what Elaine how she describe it. it made me cry and pray.
    my name is Noor Shaba i am original from Iraq. i lost everything when united nation with USA came and bombed Iraq. i didn’t get any support when i entered USA after the war, because i came legal and not refuge or asylum. till now i am struggling financially but i trust my redeemer. i accept Jesus Christ here and get my refuge city glory to God. i have a huge story but just i want to tell you that i have a heavenly citizen now and the lord bring beauty from aches. bless you for all what you are doing for the kingdom of God.
    Feel free to call me if you need any prayers. i received a call from all nations from Arabic and Chaldean people that i never met them face to face and the lord used me to pray for them and reveal things to bring hope and deliverance and healing to them and lead them to the bible. i never read a book or somebody teach me but the holy spirit direct me. God also used me with Muslim people and i led some to Christ.please i love to be in connection with your ministry.my number is: [redacted] love you and bless you in the name of mighty Jesus Christ. 619 456 3697

  7. I agree w/ you in the mighty name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and will stand in prayer for Donald Trump and intercede on his behalf! Amen!

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