A Fresh Baptism of FIRE coming to YOU!


Somebody, as you are reading this, God is about to turn you into an enigma, a sign and a wonder.

As I was in the presence of God, I began to see His fire covering me all over: first on my head, then on my hands, in my belly and then it was all over me, and God said to tell many of you who have been filled with his spirit, “prepare yourselves, for there is a fresh baptism of fire that is coming upon you.”

You see, God did not just promise you that he will fill you with His spirit.  No.  He said He will also give you the fire.  Ah, I tell you, fire of itself is consummate, it is passionate, and it is transformative.  You cannot come into contact with fire and remain the same, for it will always bring change wherever it goes.

That is what is about to happen to you.  The fresh fire that is descending upon you, even as you read this will make you smoke the devil out of his hiding.  It will make you burn down the kingdom of darkness and bring enlargement to the Kingdom of God. Many of you who connect to the grace on my life on this network have come back to tell me that you felt a power surge and a fire come upon you as you have read the Holy Ghost anointed words I wrote on this page.

Others said they have received an anointing and began to shake as you read the words.  That is because what I post here is connected to the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ which He bestowed upon my life. W hen you read what I write here in fullness of faith, it is like you have connected to the anointing on my life in person.  Your faith becomes the key that unlock the power of God flowing on my life into your life.

God wants you to make a difference in this world.  You cannot contain the Holy Ghost and still be lackadaisical.  See whom God used in the word, and check if they were not passionate men and women of God, for the same Holy Spirit we have received is also the spirit of fire.

Yes, He will come as the wind, water, oil and dove, but I love it when he comes as the fire; because He will first consume you and also use you to set and transform those on earth to likewise be on fire for Him.

You see, fire is contagious. If you come into contact with someone who is on fire, it will rub off on you, and that is what God is doing at the present: He is raising men and women who will carry his fire to the nations.  He is lifting up those who will be like Elijah [who moved with the angel of fire], like Moses who met with the angel of fire [at the burning bush] and like Jesus [who said he came to set the earth on fire].

God is now raising Pauls [who will not be afraid of any viper, not afraid on anything that comes to challenge their destinies, but will simply shake off those devils into the fire and move on].

Ah, I perceive the close proximity of the angel of fire to me even as I write this now.  God is raising the Samsons who will release the divine fire-foxes into the harvest fields of the enemy.  He is raising the Johns who will burn with his fire and draw the entire city and nation into the wilderness.  Ah, they will come to see you burn for Jesus.  They will come to see you speak his word with fire.  They will come to see you exalt Jesus and set the powers of darkness on fire.

Some of you, as you are reading this, the kind of fire that is coming upon you will make you work crazy miracles for the king.  You will become the trailblazers of this generation.  You will become the the Branhams, the Kuhlmans, the Mcphersons, the Woodsworths, the Wigglesworths, and the rest of the kingdom mighties.

You will work wonders on the earth as The Lord pours fresh fire upon you.  Your hands will carry fire and your eyes will burn the enemy with fire as you advance into enemy territories.  Many people have been baptized with water, but everyone must also move on to the next step and be baptized with fire.  That is when you will become a real threat to the kingdom of darkness.

Today I have come to pray for you to receive the fire anointing.  I have come to usher you into the grace that will bring down the fire of God on the enemies that have been challenging your destiny.

You see, just like the foxes which Samson caught, you can come into the kingdom and be born again but still lack the fire.  That means you are still not a big threat.  But it is when the fire comes on you that you will begin to destroy the works of the enemy.  Even as you are reading this, many of you are already experiencing a fire on top of your head.

The master is already baptizing you with the Holy Ghost fire!

I went into the spirit realm and also saw many evil burdens that some of you have carried being set on fire.  Ah, be free from sickness and infirmity, be free from poverty, lack and misfortune, be free from debts and afflictions in Jesus name…

Right now, begin raise your faith – for I will tell you that without faith this word will profit you nothing.  God is always speaking, but it is only those who receive his word in faith that will see his power.  The scripture says of those in the wilderness, that the word spoken to them by Moses did not profit them, because they did not mix it with faith.  Today, do not become like them, for God is doing something new in your life right now.

Ah, I send this fire anointing upon your life.  Let the baptism of fire consume every power of darkness that has been operating in your life, and may you be filled with great power that will distinguish you in this generation.  Let the angel of fire also locate your life and transform you into a present day Elijah from today.

Ah, receive this power into your life right now,  in Jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



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