Sands of Time


“And of Zebulun he said: “Rejoice, Zebulun, in your going out, And Issachar in your tents!  They shall call the peoples to the mountain; There they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness; For they shall partake of the abundance of the seas and of treasures hidden in the sand,”   Deuteronomy 33:18-19 NKJV.

“I have an abundance of treasures I have saved to be given in this last hour!  The souls of My people are abundant treasures.  Each one very unique and different and bought at a great price !  For I have had a special treasure, that I hid and it will be mined in this hour by those who love Me.  Mining is not always easy work, but it is very rewarding.

Will take up this work to live for souls and not for earthly treasures alone ?  I AM not calling just the educated sheep.  I AM not calling just the wise sheep.  I AM calling all who are WILLING to volunteer their time to do this work.  I AM calling some to work to help support this work, to finance this work and others to PRAY for these that will go.  But everyone’s roles are equally important.  I AM calling some to mine, or fish, and some to clean the fish.

I AM calling some to TEACH the fish and disciple them in Truth.  The ones who sow and the ones who reap are equally important.  Don’t look at the roles of others and think yourself unimportant because you are called to pray for example.  But think of the reward of a job fulfilled that I have called you to.  Obedience in your calling is all I ask for – to do what I’ve given you to do !

Those who are wise will shine like the stars in the heavens !  Those who are wise are those who obey Me.

I have another admonition for you My children for you will see many unwise in these days, do not waste your time mourning for those who refuse to obey ME in this hour, for you will see judgment within the church that will break your heart.  Just attend to your own heart NOW that it will be healed from all torments, and that you become obedient to My will as best you can.  Pray NOW for those who are not, to be conformed to My image while there is still time to pray.  For soon there will not be time to change…for the KINGDOM of GOD will be upon you !”

“But [Jesus] looked at them and said, What then is [the meaning of] this that is written: The [very] Stone which the builders rejected has become the chief Stone of the corner [Cornerstone]?”   Luke 20:17-18 AMP.

“Everyone who falls on that Stone will be broken [in pieces]; but upon whomever It falls, It will crush him [winnow him and scatter him as dust],”   Psalm 118:22,23,  Isaiah 8:14,15; Daniel 2:34,35.

“I say to you to build your house on this Rock, and not on sand, for every house built on sand will perish and sink into darkness.  But every house built on My Kingdom, will survive and every person who falls on this Rock will live forever and ever.

Do not compromise with the world.  From the beginning of time, through the sands of time, have been many who strayed away from the sure foundation that is in ME.  But you know the TRUTH My beloveds, and if you will fill yourselves with ME, and forsake the ways of the world and all it has to offer, then there is eternal life and the rewards of THAT life will be forever and ever, and cannot be compared to this life !

This life requires embracing the CROSS.  This life requires laying down your life and dying to what you want and living for what I want in this life ! So do not call anything you have your own.

I AM Your MASTER and Lord, then if I am your Master and Lord, then you do not do your own will, but MY will and you do MY work, not your own work.  That is you do it all for ME, not just for you.  Then your hearts will want what I want.  And I want SOULS.

I want a BRIDE for My Son that is pure and spotless.  You will ask Me then before you speak.  You will think, what does Father want me to do.  You will STOP and THINK and not just live oblivious to My will in your life.  And you won’t think that other men’s will for your life is equal to My will for your life !

MAN is not your master!  I AM your master!

I AM your Covering!  I AM the Beginning and the End.  I AM the LORD OF HOSTS!  I AM the MIGHTY ONE OF ISRAEL.  I AM the EVERLASTING FATHER.  I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. JESUS CHRIST is Head of the church.

Man is not the head, only the appointed vessel and authority, if I have appointed him! And you will know them by their FRUIT, not their gifts, not their ability to speak swelling words, not by their charisma, but by their FRUITS.  Do they walk and live HUMBLY with their God?

Do they love one another as I have loved you.  Are they willing to lay down their lives for the sheep ?  Do they help the poor and homeless?  Do they serve you, or are they only wanting to be served themselves?

Are they full of KINDNESS, and patience and self control ?  You will know when I fill you with My love.”

See related scripture:

Malachi 3:16-18,  Genesis 22:17,  Jeremiah 5:22,  Jeremiah 33:22.


~ Priscilla
copyrighted 2004

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