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A Massive Sifting in The Spirit — 10 Comments

  1. 是的,我也预备好了。只听耶稣基督所说的。圣灵必给我力量。阿门

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Yes, I’m ready, too. Just listen to what Jesus Christ says. The Holy Spirit will give me strength. amen” ]

  2. That really spoke-to me..
    I praise God for your faithfulness..
    All praise honour to our almighty God.

  3. Amen this is what I’ve been going through for months but recently things began to change for the better praise God

  4. Test. No tests needed. Stop giving me un nessessary stress or problems when you got Unlimited power lover joy and peace abd money to provide for the world. Call it a test but its unhappyness financial burden and you could do way better God especially when we try all our hearts. Do big and do better. Stop hoarding wealth God. Feed the world stop evil and do a real miracle today not later. Thanks Timmy

  5. AMEN…! I don’t think you’ll ever understand how many of God’s faithful saints needed to hear this message today…thank you & God Bless…!

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