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  1. …I would agree, YES, Let’s be CLEAR about WHO is the focus of the season…for it is a red-suited counterfeit that would try to usurp the focus from The One Jesus, who shed His precious blood to redeem us and bring us back to the family of God…

    This year Holy Spirit highlighted to me the importance of family to Father God’s heart.
    Jesus brought us back into family…and the celebration of His gift within the loving embrace of family is to be cherished…even as @Adams has pointed out, we remember “the stranger” and bring them into the warmth and light…however the Lord bids us to do so..

    Ephesians 3:14-15 tPt ( I invite you to read up to vs 21)
    Paul Prays for Love to Overflow
    So I kneel humbly in awe before the Father of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah, the perfect Father of every father and child in heaven and on the earth.

    Re: The tree
    Ken Johnson, beloved Bible scholar and teacher refutes the misinterpretation of Jeremiah 10 that I think gives rise to a “religious spirit”…
    *see a couple of his videos on Y-T (on Prophecy Watchers, Dec 11, 2019)
    “Are Christmas Trees Pagan?”/ @8m

    • I agree that that the Christmas tree did not out of Babylon and that Jeremiah was not referring to it, believing instead that it its origins lie in Germanic paganism, as this embraced the worship of trees. For some the Christmas tree may still be a harmless decoration, because “to the pure, all things are pure” [Titus 1:15], but for others it may not be.  I can think of a country, one I love, but more atheistic even than my own, where the people have the tradition of linking hands and dancing around and singing to the “yule” tree. I can judge no human heart, because only the Lord can, but I do read in Revelation that He is concerned with idolatry in His people and also know that our hearts can deceive us.

      • Absolutely Mark I agree. Idolatry is serious in any shape or form!
        Anything can be an idol that gets in our hearts and comes before the Lord God Almighty! Hard to believe anyone could join hands and sing to a tree. Still I believe you.
        God bless you and everyone for takingv he time to comment!

    • Shelley I just listened to the video you mentioned by Ken Johnson. Very informative and I’m so thankful you shared. I have enjoyed my Christmas tree and only know the Lord set me free how to observe if I was so minded!

      Still I have a strong conviction and do not set out Santa objects in my house.

      Yesterday we once again at my house read the Bible Story of the birth of Jesus! Jesus has to be the readon for the Season (whenever we celebrate) or our Reason is wrong!

      He is love, light and truth!

      God bless each one who commented. ❤

  2. ah yes, Mama Joyce…
    Hugs to your heart…
    Would it be in line to say, “May we keep the main thing, the main thing”
    Christmas is a golden opportunity for the world to hear and remember about the greatest gift we could ever receive, JESUS, MESSIAH!
    As His much-loved children, let us use every advantage of GOODNESS to spread the message of LOVE, JOY and PEACE….

    “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6, NIV).

  3. Mama Joyce, I was actually waiting for more spiritual insights from the Holy spirit regarding Christmas then saw your post which partly clarify some things. I think the motive behind the celebration of Christmas for many believers & non-belivers is respect/honor for the Birth of the savior of the world (our Lord Jesus Christ) even when no date is given. The second reason is to show LOVE which is the greatest commandment!
    But Personally, I celebrate my Jesus every second, every day as HE comes in disguise in form of: Beggers, the homeless, the sick one(s), those who are hungry, prisoners, accused, broken hearts, those oppressed & bound by satan through addictions, cultism, prostitution et.c.. This I do quietly as the Lord leads me. I see everyday as Christmas to honor my God!
    Many of us believers are not aware of this part that what so ever we do to the least of our brother, that we do unto HIM (OUR LORD JESUS).
    I will keep praying on this topic date “25th December for CHRISTMAS “!
    For now, I pray God will open all our eyes & ears to discern that Jesus Christ comes everyday to us not necessarily on Christmas day asking us to show LOVE!  Mama Joyce, God bless you, your family & ministry! Merry Christmas!

    • Very well put my bro. Mark. I wholeheartedly agree.

      At my house on Dec 25 some have gotten impatience with me, lol.. (I say the little children but also the big children!!Haha.. )
      You see before I let them open my little gifts, we always read Luke 2 (1-20) aloud!

      It’s always been the way we did it. Just little extra here from my heart:

      When my daughter Faith was little like for 2 years straight every night she got me to read Luke chapter 2. Still I got in other Bible stories too.. :)

      She is in Heaven now, passing away on Dec. 10 2019. Last year my daughter Angel read the Bible Story as it got a little hard to read.

      Still the sweet Prescence of The Holy Spirit was in this house!

      He honored us as we honored Him!

      Yes, lets make everyday About Jesus Christ!!
      God bless. Merry Christmas :)

      • Mama Joyce, God bless you for your time. I guess the reply is for me Adams & not Mark as I haven’t seen Mark’s Post on this very Article. May Your daughter FAITH Rest on with the Lord! Heaven is our home by His Grace!

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