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A Message for Bogus Spiritual Children — 1 Comment

  1. Apostle Barbara,

    I love the message you have brought in this site. I truly enjoy and am blessed.

    Twice in my life, I had leaders who take advantages me. Even I lost my job, they still ask me to pay for their stuff and some kids they love dearly. Not to mentioned their temper tantrum when I said no to them. I was talking about the leaders who were considered so anointed and mature.

    I think there are so many leaders also take advantage people under their leadership. Personally, I believe, if the church leaders truly know how to discipline themselves and people under their leaderships then this type of cycle will no longer exist in the church.

    I am in the healing journey and I have cried to the Lord to give a leader who can love me and mentor me and not take advantage of my kindness.

    May the Lord bless you

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