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A Message for the Daughters of Zion! — 2 Comments

  1. What do you do when you know you are a gem and a good thing; however, your spouse treats you like a rock and a curse?

    • Pray for your spouse! Unceasingly! As tough and hard as it may seem, pray for Him. Always remember, regardless of anything, God loves Him too and want Him free. You are a chosen weapon and vessel. Let not what Man thinks of you bother you. Stand firm on the word of the Lord in your life. The secret to breaking your spouse, Love. Love unconditionally regardless of what may be done to you. Remember same was done to our Lord. Carry your cross and our Lord will share with you in His Glory. Pray for you Spouse! Pray, Pray and Pray. Ask the Lord to open His eyes and remove the veil from His eyes. God will Honor your prayers, resilience, faith and trust in Him. No matter how impossible it looks, it is possible with God. Whenever your Spouse treats you bad, take it to the Lord. I promise He will comfort you. Remember do all you can to maintain Peace in your home. For where there is Peace, the Lord rests! God bless you and I’ll pray for you. I speak from experience, so trust me. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE Amen.

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