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A Message to The Bride, From The Bridegroom! — 4 Comments

  1. To know HIM as Bridegroom is to throw off the chains of religion that were formed to keep us apart from HIM. Truly our Beloved Lord is just that the Dearly Beloved.

    HE revealed to me that in the union of the natural branch & vine there is a place were the vine and the branch appear to be one. Since we are a spiritual branch connected to a spiritual vine there is a place where our oneness is so compelling that we actually lose ourselves in HIM. But we must desire it and seek that place of unity and peace.

    Thank you for sharing HIS heart. May the fullness of God saturate your body, soul, and spirit as you dwell in that place of unity in HIM.
    Blessings & Courage in Jesus’ name.

  2. Good Beautiful Day Sandi.
    This morning I awoke early to to the tune of Pachelbel Canon.
    I LOVE that wedding song!!! :D
    When I listen to it I always see myself floating and dancing in the air.
    I looked at the time to find it was 4:50!!!! This is meaningful to me because anytime I see the numbers 45 I’m reminded of Psalms 45.
    I’ve been repenting and renouncing nonstop for 7 1/2 years straight!! I’m in waiting for a deliverance for some things that are too shameful to mention here. Things that I believe have been being done to me for far longer than I realized.
    The Words released through you this morning were literally Music to my ears Sandi. Living in this torment is very painful, but when He gifts me like He’s done this morning my spirit soars!!
    There’s many people out there like me who’ve thrown it all in, and have paid a very dear price. But you’ve been sent to us for such a time as this Sandi, thank you!!
    May His blessings be poured in abundance upon you and yours beautiful lady!! :D

    • Thanks so much dear Cheri, How I love Psalm 45. It is your NOW time. God is ready for you to PAY IT FORWARD. I appreciate your love and encouragement. But I tell you truly, you were given a ‘way with words’. Let the river of His words flow freely in this hour to those who like you need to hear!!God bless YOUR beautiful heart. (Angus or Jill, would you make sure Cheri’s see my reply!) Hugs and much love, Sandi

      • I just saw this Sandi, thank you so much!!
        I went back to read your post for today, again, and saw your reply, so i went back to see if you replied here, I love that you do that, what a blessing you are!! :)
        I saw the movie Pay it Forward a couple days ago while thrift shopping with my daughter and almost bought it…now I know why.
        Paying it forward is my favorite thing to do. :)
        I’m so excited for this “Now” time Sandi!!
        Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, no mind can possibly comprehend what He’s prepared…WOOP WOOP!!!! :D

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