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A More Glorious 2nd Half of 2016 — 4 Comments

  1. This truly is One of thee Best Words Ever Spoken, for it bears witness with my Spirit
    of All the Mighty Blessings in which the Father has prepared to them that loves him.
    I had to say this, I had to speak it Pastor Robert Sseanga, Yes, I’m Rejoicing once
    more again, and again, for his Greatness, for it is our Jubliee Year 2016 to see All
    the fullness in manifestations come upon us, the latter Rain, falling beyond our
    wildest dreams, is at hand. Glory to God. This is a Month of Completion, Celebration,
    joy,deliverance, the Rest Coming forth into our lives, the Kingdom of Glory, Signs,
    Wonders, and Miracles, unlike we have ever seen before in the earth, for the Lord
    has said It Is Our Time !!!

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