A new chapter is turning!


Somebody, like Joseph, the devil has been expecting you to perish in the pit.  He has been expecting to see you get off the radar, disappear into oblivion!  Ah, but I see you disappointing him today.

You see, the pit is your lowest moment.  It is that difficult moment and situation that you cannot see a way out of it.  But God will make a way for you!

I have seen it upon the earth that the people who carry the greatest favor are not always the most liked people.  As a matter of fact, they are at times the most hated, because satan hates anything that God loves.  He will make men to ask themselves, “Why does she carry so much favor?”  “Why are things working so well for him?”  “How is it that he is so close to the center of power?” “Why is it just them and not me?”

You see, lowly men will have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that you are the blessed of The Lord; that you are his chosen, and because of that they will fight you.  They will throw you into the pit and expect you to die.  They will do everything to make you sad and make you cry.

Ah somebody, as you are reading this, you have undergone many things as they tried to stop you.  You know what it is to be lied upon, to be betrayed, spat on, rejected and refused without a cause, to be stripped of your privileges and cut off from the ‘clique’.   But I have good news for you today: this is not the full story of your life; it is only a chapter, and God is about to close that chapter and usher you into a whole new chapter.

Your story is not yet over.  You may have gone through some tough times, but no one should conclude the story of your life on a chapter.  The same Joseph that was in the pit is the same one who rose to the palace.  The same Jephthah who was cast out by his brethren is the one who came back to rule them.  The same David who was on the run and wandering in the wilderness is the same one who became the king of Israel.  The same Daniel who was fed to the lions is the one who became promoted to ruler-ship in Babylon.

Let no one judge you by the bad chapter of your life, for a new chapter is about to open.

God is about to bring some of the people who have dismissed you to see you made much greater than ever before!

Yes, you may be like Joseph today: they took away your coat of many colors.  They took away that which made your life look great and beautiful.  They took away your job, took away your car; you lost your health, your peace is gone and your joy is gone. But that was the last chapter in your life.  They may have seen you at your lowest, but now they should be ready to see you at your highest.

A new chapter is turning!  You see every book has its own chapters.  There are long chapters and short chapters.  There are happy chapters and others sad chapters.  Then there are chapters which you cannot describe the content.  But one thing is common to all chapters: they all come to an end.

God sent me to tell you to start praising Him: because you are getting ready to open a new chapter of your life.

Go into your dressing room and change your garments.  You see when they called for Joseph, he shaved his hair and changed his garments and came to the king.  This is what you must do: change those garments of heaviness and put on some praise.

Get a face lift, the worst is over.  You see, you gotta look good for the king.  Strip off that depression, that anger and unforgiveness.  Get rid of that bitterness because it’s getting ready to get better.

Who am I preaching to over here?  A new chapter is coming!  I know you felt like the last chapter was never going to end, but I am here to prophesy a new chapter in your life.  You need to dress up and praise your way out because the king is calling for you.

The last chapter did close in tears, but the new one is opening with praise.  In the last chapter you were weeping for the night, but in the new chapter it will be morning: and everybody knows that joy comes in the morning.

I am here to prophesy morning-time for someone.  Put the devil where he belongs: under your feet.  While your praise is going up, god will be ending your bad chapter and opening your new chapter.

  • I command that bad chapter in your life to end today.
  • I command a new chapter to open up for you today, in the name of jesus!
  • I declare morning-time in your life.
  • I speak life, and favor and victory for you.
  • I declare an entry into the palace for you and
  • I declare it: your best chapter yet is starting now!

Raise your faith and receive it in jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



A new chapter is turning! — 7 Comments

    • God Bless you!  Praises unto Him and Him only…Jesus has used you MIGHTILY this day!!! Hallelujah…Thanks be to God! Thank you.

  1. Thank you Jesus!!! We believe and receive our new chapter in our lives today!!! Amen I’m so blessed ❤️❤️

  2. I’ve read your post several times this morning… The last chapter lasted over 6 years…words can’t describe it but Praise God for your encouragement!! What a blessing you are to me and my best friend as we’ve wept and praised him for your words of confirmation!!! From the pit to the palace!! The best chapter is yet to come for our families!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement abundant blessings to you!!! ❤️☺️

  3. I receive this Word. I believe. Luke 1:45. I just signed a publishing contract for a book of poetry.
    My book has three chapters so this spoke directly to me. Praise God for his faithfulness and for sending a messenger who speaks my language!!!!!
    I’m walking and crossing over into the New and Now in November!