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A New Kingdom Era in the Nations! — 4 Comments

  1. Prophecy is about warning people so they are able to adjust there lives to avoid the judgment that prophecy generally exposes. God is moving in the earth to destroy systems and evil that has been stealing from and enslaving mankind hindering the gospel from being preached messing with the harvest of saints. God is on the move to resolve all these issues when He has completed all, planet earth will not be the same, a new era will have been established. As much as I like discussing how this is all going to happen it would just be a guess as Christian don t handle a piece of news from Heaven much different then the world, one will deliver the truth, another hears judgment, another hears the end of all things the interpretation will depend on how you see and understand God, this is why God is very careful about what He tells us and our understanding of events changes from day to day be assured this is happening events will unravel the Spring of 2023 we will be like Noah stepping off the ark. So stay alert, be careful what you let in your heart don t constrain yourself with time enjoy the ride God never loses

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes!  Let Your Glory Come!  May Your Kingdom obliterate the kingdom of darkness!  Father, we absolutely agree that we will make room!!!

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