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A Now Word to the Remnant in America — A Prophetic Warning! — 14 Comments

  1. The Ekklesia is rising in full armor and battle array against the evil that’s being exposed over America and the world! Let wickedness, corruption, perversion, greed, and every wicked plan and purpose of Satan be thwarted!Bring down the evil powers of our government that no longer preserve protect and defend the people! We ask forgiveness for refusing to spend time in prayer to taking down these strongholds. Lord deliver us from our enemies and may Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!.

  2. I’m so thankful for this confirmation. I had such a disturbing dream about a year ago .. it definitely got my attention. I saw a man with a voracious appetite for his own pleasure, power, and deceit. He thought he was doing his deeds secretly in the dark but the Sun was rising and shedding light on what was being done in darkness!! I was mortified when I awoke. I asked the Lord what it was and I heard “this is Pence.” My heart sank. I used to really like him!! For a time after this dream, I prayed for Pence… that he would overcome the desires of his flesh :(

  3. Dear Veronika, this is such a timely word for today!
    Heavenly Father please hear our prayers. Enough is Enough! May the wicked agenda of evil be stopped & boomerang back on them. We stand with you, please guide our steps. Please surround President Donald Trump & The United States of America with your protection. God Bless you Veronika!

  4. Yes, we’ve known the truth about Mike Pence since January 6th, but I strongly suspected it before that.

  5. Heavenly Father in the mighty name of Jesus…! Cut the arteries of all supply & resources to the wicked, smother their voices & sound waves, scramble the enemies algorithms & platforms, command your waring heavenly hosts to destroy the demonic portals & strongholds, cancel the legal contracts & assignments of the enemy, continue to slay the giants, raise-up & elevate your remnant, protect & safeguard your David’s, and invade the earth with Your Kingdom Glory…! Now and forevermore…!

    In Jesus Holy name,

    Amen & Amen

  6. I am not the first person to call him Judas Pence because most patriots for Trump have witnessed his two-faced corruption!

  7. Abba Father, boldly before Your Throne of Grace I embrace the most Beautiful Gift You could have given, the Cross and its completed work, and through its power I exchange the assignments of every enemy defeated by our Lord Jesus Christ for the United States of America, for the plans You have instead. And in agreement with Your Word of Truth declare they are for Good, not for destruction, but for a future and a hope.
    I will not fear or worry or forebode, but trust in Your Sovereign Power to take what the enemy is releasing to destroy and work it for the Good of Your Nation and people of the United States of America instead. That we may be Your Great Light Shining in the darkness, drawing all men unto You.
    The United States of America loves You Beautiful Redeemer, and we take up our Cross, and we lay down our lives, and we follow only You, not by might, but by Your Powerful Spirit of Life.

    • No. THE Church is not silent! We, the remnant, the true church, are standing, saying, and following the plan the Lord set before us from the beginning. God is FOR us, and not against us. We, the remnant, hear what the prophets tell us, and we do not fear, but stand in faith and prayer! It shall be exactly as God told us from the beginning of this period in history. And the remnant, the true Church, shall stand, pray, speak, and continue to stand till we see our dear Lord bring His glorious word to pass! ❤️

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